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Invisalign in Fresno

Fresno Invisible Braces

Invisalign in Fresno

Invisalign in Fresno

Once upon a time, getting teeth straightened was a hassle. The only option was to wear traditional metal braces with the wires and brackets. They caused people to feel self-conscious and those braces took some serious getting used to, with the very real possibility of discomfort early on as the metal dug into the gums. Other complications included getting food stuck in them. At Mark Lowe Orthodontics, we’re pleased to offer an exciting alternative to old-fashioned braces. With our Invisalign in Fresno, you can get all of the advantages of properly aligned teeth and jaws, without the common drawbacks so associated with wearing braces.

Invisalign is a system that uses clear aligners made of plastic instead of metal. Instead of just one pair, you will instead wear multiple pairs, each one for about two weeks as it serves its purpose in the scheme of achieving more ideal tooth positioning. Each aligner is made right here at our office, using state-of-the-art 3-D computer technology to craft aligners to precision. You’ll wear your aligner all day and all night, even while you sleep, for a total of 20 hours per day at least. You can take it out to brush, floss, and eat. So you can enjoy all of your favorite foods. Our Invisalign in Fresno is cleaned by soaking it for an hour in the morning and another hour at night using denture cleaner or baking soda. It’s really that simple.

Without a doubt, the most popular benefit of our Invisalign in Fresno is that it can be worn without advertising to the world that you are. Unlike metal braces, it’s barely detectible. No worries at work, in social situations, or when you’re included in photos. In addition, because of the high tech nature of how Invisalign is made, our dentist will be able to give you a good estimate of how long the entire process will take, which is generally between one month and one year depending on your unique circumstances. Furthermore, we can even show you beforehand what your teeth will probably look like when treatment is completed. What could be better?

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