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Clovis Kids Orthodontics

Pediatric braces in Clovis

Clovis kids orthodontics

Clovis kids orthodontics

Today it is generally recommended that children have their first visit with the orthodontist somewhere around the age of seven. At Mark Lowe Orthodontics, your child will be seen by one of our expert orthodontists, either Dr. Mark A. Lowe or Dr. Ross J. Miller. If our orthodontist determines that your child will benefit from Clovis kids orthodontics care, this can be provided at our office using pediatric braces.

Interceptive orthodontics, which is early intervention orthodontics care for children, is now considered to be the best way for patients to get the best orthodontic results with minimal treatment and at minimal cost. The key to this type of orthodontic care is to make sure that children have orthodontic work performed before their jaw has finished growing. This will mean that the child will most likely need to have fewer, if any, tooth extractions later on when they receive orthodontic care as a teen. Interceptive orthodontics is also known as phase 1 orthodontic care, and it addresses early orthodontic problems which show up between the ages of seven and eleven. Some of the treatments that can be provided during early orthodontic care include arch expansion. Arch expansion, which can only be performed on younger patients while the jaw is still growing, will be performed to make more room for permanent teeth in the patient’s mouth. Orthodontic growth appliances can enhance their jaw growth so that later orthodontic care is much simpler. This type of early Clovis kids orthodontics care will not only provide better results for the patient but it will also make subsequent care, which will occur when the child is a teen, much less costly and less involved for the patient. It also usually eliminates the need for headgear to be worn by teen orthodontic patients. This type of orthodontic treatment is usually met with poor patient compliance by teen patients.

For an appointment for your child to meet with our orthodontist for Clovis kids orthodontics care, contact us today.

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