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Orthodontist in Fresno CA

Orthodontic emergencies in Fresno CA

Orthodontist in Fresno CA

Orthodontist in Fresno CA

If you are looking for an expert orthodontic practice, you should visit us at Mark Lowe Orthodontics. At our office, our two expert orthodontists are Dr. Mark A. Lowe and Dr. Ross J. Miller. Our click to read more can provide you with complete orthodontic care as well as treat you for orthodontic emergencies.

It is very important that you follow the directions of our orthodontist in Fresno CA to keep your braces. These directions will not only help to make sure that your orthodontic treatment proceeds as planned, but that you do not need to contend with any problems resulting from orthodontic emergencies. However, even when patients completely follow our directions, there can still be orthodontic emergencies. Some braces problems need immediate care at our orthodontic practice, while others can wait until your next checkup. When you do experience some type of problem or breakage of your braces, contact our office as soon as possible so that you can be advised as to whether or not you should immediately come in for braces repair. If your child participates in sports, wearing a form-fitting mouth guard that is fabricated at our office, can help to prevent any injury to the teeth and mouth, and also can prevent damage to braces. You will want to avoid damaging braces since this cannot only harm your mouth, but can also be costly to repair. Sometimes the required movement of the teeth can cause the end of the arch wire to become loose. This can cause irritation to tissues in the mouth. When patients eat certain sticky or hard foods, this too can damage the braces, and should be avoided. When you contact us with a problem with your braces such as part of the braces have been knocked off of teeth, there are protruding wires, or a lost bracket, you will need to come in to see our orthodontist so that he can repair your braces.

For an appointment to see our click to read more for excellent orthodontic care for both children and adults, contact us today.

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Fresno Braces

Orthodontic treatments in Fresno

Fresno braces

Fresno braces

Are you looking for an expert orthodontist to provide treatment for either yourself or your child? It is important to find an orthodontist who is experienced in not only providing orthodontic work, but who has a great eye for and understanding of what will prove to be an esthetic and long-lasting smile. The final smile needs to have proper teeth alignment as well as work with the patient’s overall face. Our expert orthodontist has had many years of experience in creating beautiful smiles for our patients. At our practice we also offer a great selection of Fresno braces for orthodontic treatments.

At our practice, Mark Lowe Orthodontics, our highly-trained orthodontists are Drs. Mark Lowe and Ross J. Miller. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing exceptional orthodontic care for our patients. At our practice we offer treatment with many different types of Fresno braces, ranging from traditional metal braces to the latest orthodontic advancements.

Invisalign teeth aligners are a great way for many of our adult patients to achieve their perfect smiles. The aligners are virtually invisible when they are being worn so no one will be able to tell that you are having your smile straightened. Not all smiles can be treated with this Fresno braces option; a consultation with Dr. Lowe will provide a definite answer to this question. Many of our patients, especially our younger ones, are treated with traditional metal braces. They are much more comfortable today than they were years ago, and the metal brackets are smaller for a more aesthetic look. The elastics can also be replaced with different colors; many of our patients enjoy adding this individualized, unique look to their braces. It makes the experience of having their teeth straightened fun. We also offer clear ceramic braces as an alternative. Ceramic braces are made to closely color match our patients’ teeth. These braces are a lot more aesthetically appealing than the traditional metal ones. However, ceramic braces also cannot be used in every situation. Treatment time may also take a bit longer because the ceramic cannot be pulled as tightly as the metal brackets can be pulled. These braces also tend to be a bit more expensive. Yet many of our patients find these braces infinitely more appealing to wear that the traditional metal type. If you would like to meet with our orthodontist for an evaluation, contact us for an appointment today.

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