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Fresno Orthodontist

Orthodontics are often associated with meeting cosmetic ends and producing perfect-looking smiles. While orthodontic treatment can certainly help patients attain a smile that is more aesthetically appealing, the main goal of this sort of treatment is to fix uneven bites, malocclusions and crooked teeth in order to achieve better overall dental health. Here at Mark Lowe Orthodontics, our Web Site can help determine whether you can benefit from this kind of care with an orthodontic evaluation and help you explore your options when it comes to the types of braces that we offer here at our offices.

Usually, your dentist will identify whether you need braces or not but only especially if the case is particularly severe or troubling. For the most part, orthodontic treatment is not often administered until all of the patient’s permanent teeth have come in and fully developed. If a patient’s baby teeth, otherwise known as their primary teeth, are already exhibiting an uneven bite or severe malocclusion, then interceptive orthodontics can be implemented here at Mark Lowe Orthodontics in order to help alleviate the situation. Usually, this sort of treatment is applied to patients between the ages of 7 and 11 in order to help reduce the amount of intensive work that may be required later. Otherwise, general orthodontics is more commonly used among teens and young adults, though adult orthodontics are available as well. Our Fresno orthodontist can provide you with a complete orthodontic evaluation in order to determine what sort of orthodontic treatment will work best for you. Traditional metal braces are most commonly used and may be helped along with the use of retainers or expanders as well. Some people may even be eligible for invisible braces, which use a clear plastic mold instead of wires and brackets in order to gently guide the teeth into place over time.

If you are looking to achieve a healthier and straighter smile, then visit us here at Mark Lowe Orthodontics. Our Web Site will gladly provide you with an orthodontic evaluation that will help determine which course you should take when it comes to your treatment.

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