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Braces in Fresno CA

Dental Braces in Fresno CA

Braces in Fresno CA

Braces in Fresno CA

Do you feel like your crooked teeth are nothing to smile about? Call us at Mark Lowe Orthodontics to find out about the available to you; you’ll be showing off your straight-toothed smile in no time!

At Mark Lowe Orthodontics, we believe that a well-lived life is all about smiles. That’s why we’re dedicated to straightening, correcting, and beautifying the smiles of our fellow community members in the Woodlands and the surrounding areas. We take pride in serving your smile, allowing for you to feel more confident than ever during job interviews, sales talks, photos and dates. With our orthodontic solutions, you and your family can enjoy straighter, more aligned teeth without the pain of extraction or the trouble of adding external teeth. Our friendly and highly skilled staff offers the finest in orthopedic care, all in an environment that’s welcoming, calming, and professional. We’re proud to offer both traditional and revolutionary new teeth straightening techniques such as Invisalign. What’s Invisalign? Invisalign is a new orthopedic option, an alternative to traditoinal braces that involves wearing a series of clear, discrete retainers made out of plastic. These retainers are difficult to notice, comfortable to wear, and don’t pose the same threats in terms of cutting, infecting, or irritating the inside of your mouth. The retainers are made custom for your teeth, working as a step-by-step guide on your path towards achieving your orthopedic dreams. Invisalign is a great option for anyone who values excellent dental hygiene (the retainers can be removed for regular teeth and retainer cleaning), anyone who plays physical sports, and anyone who wants the polished appearance of straightened teeth without committing to years of clumsy metal braces.

Curious whether you could be a candidate for the many orthopedic options available Mark Lowe Orthodontics? Call our office today and learn which of the Woodlands braces are right for you!

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