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Invisalign Orthodontics in Clovis

Orthodontic office in Clovis

Orthodontic office in Clovis

If you regret the fact that you were never able to have your teeth straighten when you were a teen, we have exciting news for you: we specialize in treatment with Invisalign invisible braces. At our orthodontic office in Clovis, our dentist, Dr. Mark A. Lowe, specializes in treatment with Invisalign, and also attends every Invisalign clinical educational program that is available to him.

When you get Invisalign treatment from our orthodontic office in Clovis, you can feel perfectly comfortable that you will receive the highest level of care. Many of our patients prefer treatment with Invisalign because they are able to have their teeth straightened without the use of traditional metal wires and brackets. This means that they can have their teeth straightened in a manner which is extremely discrete. In fact, Invisalign is often referred to as invisible braces because the clear plastic aligners that are used in the treatment are virtually invisible while they are being worn. Our patients are able to attend work, and social gatherings without anyone knowing that they are having their teeth straightened. Additionally, Invisalign aligners are extremely comfortable since you will not have any wires or brackets in your mouth to contend with. And, since the clear plastic aligners are removed for eating, you will be able to eat just about anything you want during your entire treatment. If you are interested in having your teeth straightened using Invisalign, our orthodontist will need to examine your particular bite situation and let you know if you are a good candidate for this type of treatment. Invisalign cannot treat all bite problems, but it is highly effective in treating many different types of malocclusions. Among the different types of bite situations that can be corrected by using Invisalign are: gapped teeth; overbites; under bites; open bites; overly crowded teeth; cross bites; and other types of orthodontic problems. Treatment with Invisalign at Mark Lowe Orthodontics takes about the same amount of time as treatment with traditional metal braces.

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